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Basic Email Settings for Account Setup


Incoming Mail Server

IMAP Hostname:
  • Port 143
IMAP Username: the name before the @ in the email address. (e.g. - officetest is the username)
IMAP Password: enter your password

Outgoing Mail Server

The SMTP outgoing mail server can be one of 2 servers: SMTP or SMTP2. If you are setting up a mobile device, you must use SMTP2 as your outgoing server.

SMTP Hostname
  • Port 25
  • No authentication is required.
SMTP2 Hostname
  • Port 587
  • Authentication is required.


Email address:
Username: example (without the
Password: (Password created when service started. Password example:12345AbCdE)
Incoming server: Port 110
Outgoing server: (must use for mobile devices)
Port 25
Port 587
Do not use SSL for incoming or outgoing servers.