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Email maintenance suggestions

Email Maintenance Tips

Email can become overwhelming quickly. Here are a few tips to help make email more manageable.



Organizing the email inbox with folders prevents the inbox from getting cluttered.

For emails related to a topic, make a folder with the name of the topic to keep all the emails related to that topic in one easy to find place. In your email interface, you can right click on the folder marked Inbox and there is an option to create a new folder.

Name the folder as it relates to a common topic like Bank, Kids, Things to do, Hobbies or Left-handed Pitchers. The number of folders you can have is not limited, so create as many folders as needed to keep all topics easy to find. Also, folders can be created within folders to create an even higher level of organization. A best practice is to keep the Inbox for incoming emails and not a place for everything this makes it easier to find an email someone sent you with the important and timely information.



If you receive unwanted emails from a person or company, you can create a rule to automatically delete email from these sources.

The input box to set up rules for email is usually found in the main menu heading Tools / Rules. Generally, the email program will guide you through the process of setting up the rule. For example, If THIS (email address or certain subject) then delete (or move to this folder). Or you can setup rules to put emails from a person or about a specific subject into the folders to help streamline the organization process. If you get emails from a friend and you want to put their emails into a specific folder so you have all the emails from your friend in one spot, you can create a rule to perform this task.


Mailing List Subscriptions

Anyone can find themselves on a mailing list subscription.

Businesses want to send you information on deals, sales items, or a monthly newsletter. To prevent this, you can create a rule that if an email from a company is deleted 3 times in a row without reading it, the email program will unsubscribe or block emails from the company. If the company still sends you a few more emails after setting up this rule, create a rule to delete the email when it comes in.

Trash Cans

Deleted Items or Trash

You should empty the Deleted Items folder or Trash folder at least once a week.

You can also set up your email program to empty the Deleted Items folder when the email program is closed. It is not good practice to keep emails in the Deleted Items folder for an extended time. Doing so clutters your email interface and you do have a limited amount of space each email program can work with. Depending on criteria built into the email program, you can be limited to how many gigabytes of storage the program can have in its database. Once that limit is reached, the program will stop receiving new emails until you make space in your email server.

Multiple email

Multiple Email Accounts

Having multiple email accounts can be another great way to keep your email organized.

Gmail and Yahoo email are great for these type of accounts. You do not have to setup your regular email program to view the emails, just go to the email website and login. You can create separate emails accounts to communicate with various friends and family members. Also, if you need to access to a website that requires an email address to create an account to access website, you enter and email address that you created to login to the website. A verification email will be sent to make sure you provided a valid email account that you have access to. Once a website has your email, your account can be bombarded with sales emails that will clog up your account. This prevents unwanted spam email from overwhelming your main account. You may also want to create a separate email account for professional purposes with an email address that looks good on a business card or resume.

Not just a folder for a topic of interest, but now an entire email account to help keep my emails organized. Most of email accounts are not accessed on a daily basis but the emails that get sent to alternative email accounts do not clog up your every day email account. Another way to unclutter the email account you use every day.